Ghostbusters Take Summer Time to Regroup, Recuperate, and Relax

Well as most of you are fully aware of, it’s hot and humid. In fact just the other day I saw a completely melted slimer on the sidewalk; just a puddle of goo. I think I remember hearing a report of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man had lost weight – a lot of it – marshmallow cream anyone? Anyway during the middle of the summer most of us have been running around doing vacation stuff and trying to keep from dehydrating in this south Louisiana heat. For the most part it seems that all the ghosts and slimers have taken the summer off also. No new reports of high PKE readings or any unsightly apparitions have appeared lately so this must be due to the weather. All in all, this gives the Louisiana Ghostbusters time to recalibrate all the gear and make sure it is in perfect working order for the fall. Yeah, Halloween is just around the corner and if we are not prepared, who you gonna call?