LAGB’s “Ghostbusters Day” Sums Up What We’re all About!

Monday, July 11th, 2016:  A day that will live in Louisiana Ghostbusters History.

Tired, but energized and undaunted from our trek home after the Hollywood premiere of Ghostbusters: Answer the Call, our travelers combined with the bulk of the LAGB fleet of Ghostheads for an epic day of celebration of all things Ghostbusters and our mission to give back to the community.


Taking care of priority one, LAGB members from Louisiana and Mississippi returned for the second month in a row to Children’s Hospital of New Orleans to brighten smiles and hand out goodies to the kids there.   On hand were LAGB Co-Founders Savann Mok and Ben Langlinais with Veteran members James “Deuce” Gaspard, Nick Lapeyrouse, and Jessica A. Williams.  Heading room to room with the help of some enthusiastic patients, we managed to capture several class V’s, leaving the hospital and even better place to get better.  The kids who we visited were all rewarded with Ghostbusters patches, movie posters, and coloring pages.  It was a distraction we had hoped would be welcome, and at the end of the trip we all agreed was a great one!


Then it was off to Harahan for an advanced screening ahead of the July 15th release of the new Ghostbusters movie!  30 LAGBs were on hand in costume to celebrate.  Two of our ladies even sported costumes reminiscent of the new movie before it had even gone public!  Hundreds of folks joined us for the screening which left the majority clamoring for more after this latest Ghostbusters adventure.  Our lady busters in particular (see below) were ecstatic about the latest movie while the guys couldn’t stop marveling at the action and effects we got to witness in the final battle of the movie.


Public service and a new Ghostbusters movie we got to share with the public?  That will be a hard day to top.



LAGB had 30 members on hand in uniform to celebrate “Ghostbusters: Answer the Call.”

Some of the ladies of LAGB.