Children’s Hospital Bustin Up Some Smiles


Bust that ghost!

Louisiana Ghostbusters has a mandate to help the community, bringing smiles and goodwill wherever we can. When you get a call from Children’s Hospital we know there is no better way to adhere to that mandate.


WagTO in tow!

On June 16, 2016, we were given a rare opportunity to visit Ochsner’s Children Hospital in New Orleans, LA.  We geared up that morning with an extra special mission of bringing smiles to the sick children that awaited inside.   Fox 8 News correspondent Greg Adaline was suited up as well to tag along and document the event.


As soon as ECTO NOLA pulled into the parking lot we already had the kids’ attention.   After heading in we were escorted from floor to floor to sweep for any unusual activity.  Immediately it became apparent that Slimer was apparently gobbling the children’s food!  With the help of the children we were able to bust and trap the ugly little spud.  It was a Blessing to see smiles in every room we visited.   


Follow the link below to view the news story that documents our trip: