Dan Aykroyd CHV Signing, January 14th, in Metairie

Once in a while that special bucket list moment arrives to really light up a fan’s life and remind them of the geekier reason for their costumes and props.  We have been exceptionally privileged to have quite a few moments like this in a relatively short time.  This past Saturday was no exception!

Mowky and Dan holding his Logo Design
Manager Jack Dupuy enjoys a moment with Dan and 12" Mini-Dan.

The heart and soul of the Ghostbusters Franchise of Entertainment, Dan Aykroyd himself, appeared at a local Sam’s Club near New Orleans to sign bottles of his unique Canadian vodka, Crystal Head.  As we’ve heard from stories with other franchises, Dan turned out to be unbelievably appreciative of his Ghostbusters fans by addressing us the instant he emerged and taking individual and group pictures with LAGB, MSGB, and HAGB costumers on hand before signing anything else.  Then not only did he sign bottles of Crystal Head, but he also signed our gear and fan collectibles!






Ben picks up a 2nd of two Ghostbusters' autographs.
Dan meets the Sass Master

But before we got too far into signing our gear, we presented Mr. Aykroyd with a plaque bestowing upon him Honorary Membership into the Louisiana Ghostbusters.  He also received an LAGB Mug, T-shirt, patch, and Challenge Coin donated by various members of LAGB. (Thanks Ryan, Randy, Julie, and Savann!)  It was an unforgettable memory to share the room and a little time with a living legend amongst our fandom.  Busters present at this event were:  Houston Area GB Member, Alan Steinberg; Mississippi Ghostbusters/LAGB members, David Johnson and Mary Carpenter; and LAGB’s Jack Dupuy, Ben Langlinais, Denise Dejean, Jacques DeJean, Randy Hawthorne, Julie Farbaras, Nicholas Lapeyrouse, Emily Harris, Joe Martin, James Gaspard, Ryan Burke, Kirk Lampo, Jennifer Burke, and Richard Houidoubre.



A few LAGB's and some fans...
Zuul peddles a little spirits.
The gang waits for Dan to arrive.