The 13th Gate Opening Week, 2011

This was our second annual visit to the 13th Gate, and we have to say that this thing keeps getting bigger and badder every year.  Members in attendance at this year’s ghost delivery to the 13th Gate were Jack Dupuy, Emily Harris, Savann Mok, Denise DeJean, Jacques DeJean, David Johnson and his buddy Lee came in all the way from Mississippi, Krista Dupuy, Some guy with a collander on his head, Ben Langlinais, Julie Fabares, and Joe Martin.

If you look closely you can see both the Gatekeeper AND the Keymaster in one photo below!

    The 13th Gate was open throughout October and November.  In the future, You can purchase tickets and find out more about their show online at or in the lot accross the street in front of the Necropolis 13.  Watch out for the zombies.  They bite.