501st Bast Alpha Garrison & Louisiana Ghostbusters Joint Blood Drive / Red Stick Rebellion Toy Drive

  The 501st Bast Alpha Garrison, Red Stick Rebellion, and Louisiana Ghostbusters put on a joint blood and toy drive this Saturday, November 19, 2011 at the Mall of Louisiana in Baton   Rouge.  A very big and special thanks goes out to the Mall of Louisiana for donating the space used in the blood drive.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  United Blood Services  reported that they collected 22 products from 16 donors.  The blood mobile collected 22% more than the original projection of 15-18 blood products.  Way to go team!

Thank you to the Storm Troopers for their involvement in this blood drive, and their coordination efforts to bring this event to such a well-traveled location as the Mall of Louisiana.  Storm Troopers are mostly human aside from the odd Sith Lord and conscript from out of the way planets.  Usually the blood mobile prefers human blood, but they take what they can get.

Sith Lord pictured above: John Mangus

Pictured left to right: Randy Hawthorne and Nicholas Lapeyrouse.